Regional Symbiosis & Resource Circulation
Aiming to realize sustainable local energy and resource circulation, we are engaged in research on the construction of a circulating and ecological system that harmonizes with diverse actors.

Outline of Laboratory

Our laboratory has taken a new step forward in FY2020. Starting with research on the impact of urban activities on people's health and the living environment, we are conducting research that requires a broad perspective to reconstruct the region from environmental, economic, and social perspectives, considering global environmental issues such as decarbonization and sustainability beyond generations. In order to respond to the demands of society for such reconstruction, while clarifying the flow of resources and energy in cities and regions and its associated environmental impact, we are conducting research to scientifically consider mechanisms for the symbiosis between the environment and the social economy, and to implement these mechanisms in local communities to contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society and a sound material-cycle society.

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Prof. Fujita was elected as a Fellow of the Japan Federation of Engineering Societies.

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Web site renewed.
Dr. Nakatani appeared on NHK's Today's Close-Up.

Dr. Hayashi has joined the lab as an assistant professor.
Photos from Prof. Fujita’s 60th birthday celebration in October 2021 are posted.